Resources & Support

Because we ascribe to adult learning principles, we built in as much flexibility in every aspect of our process as possible.  This includes offering registration, enrollment, and testing in-person and online,  multiple offerings of one-on-one tutoring, classrooms in-person and via Zoom multiple times a week, several different learning programs from which the students may choose, Study Buddies for those without Internet access, and a large library of paper learning materials.  As an example, we offer students access to the following digital learning options:

  • IXL
  • Aztec
  • Fast Forward
  • Ed Ready
  • Brainchild (handheld Study Buddies)
  • Math Antics
  • Burlington English
  • WIN (for NCRC and occupational soft skills)
  • Google Classroom

Social Media Resources:  Facebook (Hardin/LaRue, Breckinridge, Grayson, Hart), Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok


All of our instructors and staff are dedicated to ensuring that each student reaches his or her goal – whether that be GED  or workforce skills attainment, employment, or post-secondary education.  

We also provide students access to a full-time College and Career Navigator  (CCN) who attempts to remove barriers that are common to adult learners.  The CCN attempts monthly contact with each student and maintains social media accounts that notify students of job listings and career fairs, community resource notifications, announcements of High Impact or other special occasion trainings, the monthly newsletter, well wishes, and congratulatory messages, among other information.